About us

Modern market challenges new demands to legal business. At present time not lawyers dictate their terms, but clients who do not want to spend time on reading untruthful advertising phrases. They want to get the solution of their problems qualitatively, quickly and they do not intend to incur extra expenditures.

We work:

Effectively, that is we specialize only in those branches of law, in which we have a great experience and high qualification.

Quickly, that is we do not have long bureaucratic processes and approvals. Our firm tries to provide services as quickly as possible.

Best price, that is we try to reduce costs of our clients associated with legal support.

The team of Inmar Legal Ltd provides complex legal services to real estate and construction business, to hotel business, agriculture, maritime business. We also provide high qualified legal services to individuals.

Among our clients are such well-known Russian and foreign companies as AB In Bev Efes, Hame, EVRAZ, RFP Group, Talan Group, New Yorker, Wrigley, Atol, Z-Techno, Ingosstrakh, Magadanryba, Lotte, DSME, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Electronic, LG International, STX Corporation, Unigen, Doosan Heavy Industries  &Construction, Erae CS Co., Ltd, Korea Aerospacе Industries, Ltd and others.

Practice Area

Inmar Legal Ltd was established in 1998. The firm has offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok. The basic line of the firm’s activity is legal support of business of Russian and foreign commercial companies.

We offer a wide range of services both in legal support of one-time transactions and the solution of certain problems, as well as in complex legal services.

Detailed information is written in the thematic sections.

Antimonopoly Law
Corporate Law/M&A
Due Diligence
International Trade Law
Intellectual Property
Labor Law and Migration Law
Legal Support of Investment Projects
Litigation and Arbitration
Maritime Law
Real Estate & Construction