The personnel policy of the Inmar Legal Ltd is based on fundamental principles of modern corporate management. The key principle is rapprochement of the company’s interests with employees’ interests. We strongly believe that only a team approach can enable us to protect the interests of our Clients with maximum efficiency.  

The Inmar Legal Ltd pays considerable attention to the formation and development of corporate traditions and culture, personnel involvement in creative innovative work as well as maintenance of high motivation.

Our standard practice is professional encouragement and bonuses for our employees as well as social guarantees. Every employee understands that not only the settlement of a problem of the particular Client depends on his/her competent and prompt actions but the image of the Company as well.

By investing in the personnel, we lay a strong basis for the successful development of the Company. One of the major tasks for us is the development of creative and intellectual potential of our employees, their professional retraining and sustainable improvement.

We are convinced that professionalism of the lawyer is formed from year to year and we make efforts for our employees to have maximum practice in application of Russian and international law and doing so they can understand a high responsibility for their actions.

The staff of Inmar Legal Ltd includes lawyers with higher juridical education received in leading Russian universities. They have all gained considerable operating experience from their professional internships overseas and regular working projects in Asia-Pacific countries.

Practice shows that the lawyers previously employed at the Inmar Legal Ltd continue their career in big business with great success. We think this success owes a great deal to the experience and professional skills they have acquired at the Inmar Legal Ltd.