Dmitry Kafanov

Dmitry Kafanov is the founder and Senior Partner of Inmar Legal Ltd.

Expert in all-in-one legal support for business and investment projects for almost 20 years.

He has been directly involved and has extensive experience in management of different aspects of legal support for projects in shipping industry, commercial and residential property, telecommunications, projects connected with such major international companies as Lotte, DSME, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Hyundai Electronics, LG International, STX Corporation, Unigen, Doosan Heavy Industries&Construction, Parker Drilling, etc., investing in Russia.

Dmitry Kafanov has contributed to preparation of legislative initiatives aimed at development of the Russian maritime fleet and the national fisheries sector, such as bills amending the Russian Federal Act On the State Border of the Russian Federation, the Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federal Act On Fishing and Preserving the Aquatic Biological Resources, the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Today, a number of the amendments proposed has been already adopted.

With contributions from Dmitry Kafanov some motions regarding the Russia’s position within WTO have been prepared given that for the Russian national interests the position that some member nations try to impose — the laissez-faire approach towards management of fishery resources and limitation of subsidies in fisheries sector — is inadmissible, the necessity of unified fishery management and implementation of the system of measures of state support for the fisheries industry has been shown.

Dmitry Kafanov is the author of a number of papers on challenging issues in foreign investment attraction into the Russian economy, as well as those in the shipping industry, real estate, and taxation law.