Nikita Safin

Senior Associate

Nikita’s main area of professional activity is representing the interests of clients (both legal entities and individuals) in civil proceedings in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction for the resolution of civil and administrative disputes.

Nikita is an expert in Corporate law. Within this area, he specializes in the creation and registration of companies, provides support for the activities of economic entities of any organizational and legal forms, including full support for the client in matters of alienation and acquisition of shares in the authorized capital of the company, making changes to the constituent documents of the company and the EGRUL (Unified State Register of Legal Entities), and provides assistance in resolving corporate disputes. In addition, one of Nikita’s narrow specializations is comprehensive legal support for the activities of non-profit organizations, in particular, gardening non-profit partnerships (SNTs), public organizations, associations, and others.

Nikita also resolves issues related to various aspects in real estate, registration, and cadastral accounting of land plots, as well as the rental of commercial premises.

In this area, Nikita carries out procedures for the redemption of land plots from state or municipal property, accompanies procedures for the redistribution of land plots. He represents the interests of individuals and legal entities in disputes with state and municipal authorities on issues of land acquisition and other land disputes.

Among the key projects successfully implemented by Nikita recently are:

● Protection of intellectual property rights for an IT-company. Nikita provided comprehensive legal representation to the largest Far Eastern IT-company in the Arbitration Court. As a result of his work, compensation for infringement of intellectual property rights to the work was recovered from an dishonest competitor of the client’s firm.

● Challenging of erroneous actions by municipal authorities. An administrative body denied the client firm the redemption of a land plot based on possible violations of the rights of third parties. In the cassation instance court, Nikita was able to prove that the refusal of the administrative authority was based on assumptions, and the lower court decisions incorrectly assessed the circumstances of the case. As a result of Nikita’s work, the Cassation Court made a new decision in the case, agreeing with his position.

● Comprehensive support for business. Nikita provided successful comprehensive legal support to a federal transport company, a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok, in organizing a free customs zone in the Primorsky Krai territory.

● Comprehensive support for non-profit organizations. Nikita successfully created and organized the activities of a federal public organization. In addition, Nikita successfully registered a trademark for this organization.

● Defense of employee rights. A former employee of the largest scientific institute in the Far East called upon the law firm for assistance. He was dismissed from his position but did not receive the guaranteed payments from the employer upon dismissal. In the court of general jurisdiction, Nikita succeeded in recovering the citizen’s monetary funds from the former employer.

Nikita is actively engaged in scientific activities. Over the past four years, he has authored and co-authored more than ten scientific works published in leading domestic scientific journals. These works address various issues, from the influence of modern technologies on the development of Russian and foreign law to the problems of domestic regulation of intellectual property.

In October 2021, Nikita participated as a speaker in the section “Dialogues on Private Law in Russia” within the VI Pacific Legal Forum “Law, its application and implementation in the era of global challenges and changing reality.”
Since November 24, 2021, he has been appointed as the Responsible Secretary of the Far Eastern Department of the Arbitration Center under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

As of March 1, 2023, he has been included in the list of arbitrators-speakers of the Far Eastern Department of the Arbitration Center under the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.