Terms and conditions of information use on the website of Inmar Legal Ltd.

1. General provisions

This website www.inmarlegal.ru (hereinafter referred to as the Resource) is the property of Inmar Legal Ltd. located at: Russia, Vladivostok, 5а, Uborevich St., 8 floor.

These terms and conditions are an integral part of Inmar Legal Ltd. Customer Relations Policy. Visiting this resource, you accept them.

These Terms and Conditions of resource use are subject to the Russian law and jurisdiction of Russian courts.

Any questions concerning this resource are referred to the electronic address: secretary@inmarlegal.ru.

2. Resource use

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Software elements also include all scripts written in JavaScript.

Inmar Legal Ltd., cannot guarantee that the software used for activities of this resource as the resource itself will function correctly on your equipment, or in accordance with your expectations, therefore Inmar Legal Ltd. will not be responsible for any possible errors, troubles or failures of the resource. When finding such errors, please let us know at secretary@inmarlegal.ru.

Visiting this resource you agree that under any circumstances Inmar Legal Ltd. will not be responsible for harm associated with data or software loss caused as a result of access to this resource and its use, and as a result of access to and use of other resources to which this resource refers.

This resource can contain references to other resources not owned and not controlled by Inmar Legal Ltd. Such references are provided for a visitor as the matter of convenience only, and do not imply any relation of Inmar legal Ltd. with such resources or their owners. Inmar Legal Ltd. is not responsible for the content of such resources, as well as for the content of the resources which can refer to this resource.

Inmar legal Ltd. has the right change and add this resource at any time, and to terminate access to this resource without any obligations on its part.

Unless otherwise specially set forth herein, Inmar Legal Ltd. has full power and authority to this resource, its design, specific elements of the design, and the resource content.

3. Use of information and materials posted on the website

All materials posted on this resource are presented for information purposes only and may not be used as a legal consultation or another professional advice. Under any circumstances Inmar Legal Ltd. is not responsible for damage and other adverse consequences (losses) caused as a result of using the materials and information posted on this resource.

You should not refer to the information or materials received from this resource as a legal consultation provided by Inmar Legal Ltd.

If you need any legal assistance, you can address to contact details specified in relevant sections of the resource or send a letter at secretary@inmarlegal.ru.

Inmar Legal Ltd. does not guarantee absolute accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information and materials posted on the resource.

Information on Inmar Legal Ltd. and services provided by Inmar Legal Ltd. posted on this resources is not an offer of service provision to any person applied Inmar Legal Ltd. Mandatory internal corporate procedures should be completed for rendering services by Inmar Legal Ltd.

In order to use the information and materials of this resource for public or commercial purposes, it is required to obtain a prior written consent of Inmar Legal Ltd. Inmar Legal Ltd. without any liability on its part reserves the right to refuse such consent without giving any reason.

Using the information and materials of this resource for educational, training and other nonprofit purposes, and for complete or partial incorporation of the information and materials posted on this resource into any printed or electronic work, or for their posting on other resources are allowed without obtaining a prior written consent of Inmar Legal Ltd., always provided that protection symbols of copyright, allied rights, trademarks and other authorship information are maintained, and a reference to the source is given.

4. Confidentiality policy

Inmar Legal Ltd. can use visitors’ personal information in connection with provision of services and relevant information to them, and in order to inform any changes in the legislation and to send invitations to participate in relevant events.

Inmar Legal Ltd. has the right to analyze visitors of this resource by using “cookies” files or other facilities not prohibited by the Russian laws. The said actions are carried out for marketing purposes only. The obtained information is not communicated to third parties, except for cases directly specified by the Russian laws.

5. Anticorruption provisions

Inmar Legal Ltd. complies with the principle of intolerance to any forms of corruption in relations with counteragents, judicial and governmental authorities, local authorities and other persons.

In pursuance of its duties Inmar Legal Ltd. does not take any acts (refuses omissions) which contradict the requirements of the Russian anticorruption law, in particular, Federal law № 273-ФЗ dated 25 December 2008 “On anticorruption”, Federal law dated 07 August 2001 N 115-ФЗ “Concerning Counteraction of the Legitimization (Laundering) of Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism”, refrains from direct or indirect, personal or through third parties offer, promise, giving, extortion, request, agreement to receive and actual receipt of bribes in any form (in particular, in monetary form, other valuables, property, property rights or another tangible and/intangible benefit) in favor of or from any persons for influencing their actions or decisions for the purpose of getting any unlawful advantages or for another unlawful purpose.

6. Counteraction of the legitimization (laundering) of proceeds of crime

Inmar Legal Ltd. sets a rather high value on a matter of construction of a current model for counteraction of the legitimization of proceeds of crime and use of relevant measures for implementation of this model.

The basic measures are identification of clients, clients’ representatives and  reveal of a risk of using the services of Inmar Legal Ltd. for legitimization (laundering) of proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism and taking relevant measures for prevention of legitimization of proceeds of crime and the financing of terrorism.