Senior partner of the Inmar Legal Ltd Dmitry Kafanov took part in International Scientific and Practical Conference “Pacific Offshore 2005”

International Scientific and Practical Conference “Pacific Offshore
Conference 2005” occurred in Vladivostok on June 01-02 was devoted to
different aspects of oil and gas complex formation and development of
continental shelf in the Far-East of Russia.

Matters of investment projects realization at Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Magadan
shelf as well as the problems of evaluation of oil and gas fields, outlooks
of Taishet-Perevoznaya oil pipeline construction and some other important
questions were discussed at the conference in which representatives of the
largest Russian and foreign companies working in oil and gas industry took

One of actual problems for large-scale projects concerning useful mineral
extraction is legal regulation of mutual relations between the state and
investors as well as reaching compromises and coordination of public and
private interests.