Lawyers of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd created a land law precedent when legal object is a part of rights and liabilities upon lease agreement.

Preamble. The Company is a long-term lessee of a land plot with purpose of adjacent territory improvement.

Due to financial and administrative reasons the Company management decided to transfer its rights and liabilities on the Lease Contract in favour of several organizations.

The Company has no lease indebtedness, the notification about the prospective deal is given to the Leaseholder, the latter has no objections.

By making a complete due diligence of documents, lawyers of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd offered an optimal variant of lease rights and liabilities assignment upon the Lease Contract via a corresponding Agreement including registration in an authorized institution.

Legal grounds for a lawful conclusion and registration of the stated deal in the Administration of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography in the certain subject of the Russian Federation are as follows: cl.5,6,9 art.22, cl.3 art.36 (upon legal analogy) of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, articles 6, 384, 421 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, cl.15,16 of the Plenary Session Decree of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation as of 24.03.2005 N 11 “On Some Issues Concerning Land Law Application” (hereinafter named as – «Decree of the SAC of RF №11»).

Notwithstanding the previously received rejection of the authorized institution representative on the stated procedure completion, the lawyers of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd succeeded in registration of this Agreement by sending a Representation Letter and carrying their position through in administrative proceedings.