Kirill Vozisov, Partner and Senior Lawyer of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd, took part in webinar of Roman Sergeevich Bevzenko, Head of the Private Law Department of the Supreme Arbitration Court, master of laws.

On November 10 at 9 a.m. (Moscow time) Roman Sergeevich Bevzenko held his webinar on the subject “Execution of Civil Law Contract. How Theoretical Principles Are Reflected in Specific Covenants”.

During the Webinar, organized with the help of videoconferencing, participants not only could listen to the Speaker’s report, but also ask their questions to the honoured law specialist.

It is worth to note that question asked by the representative of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd provoked a long discussion, and also became a special topic of a future seminar that R.S. Bevzenko himself named to be very appropriate to hold.