Dmitriy Kafanov made a comment for RIA PrimaMedia on the planned changes in energy supply laws

Penalties for energy overdraft for smaller consumers.

Next week Russian prime-minister Vladimir Putin will sign an order voiding penalties for energy overdraft for smaller entities. He informed about it during a conversation with citizens in Orenburg office of “Yedinaya Rossiya» (United Russia), according to the RIA PrimaMedia correspondent.

The prime-minister assured that the same procedure would be applied to gas supply in future.
According to Dmitriy Kafanov, a partner of the Law company Inmar Legal Ltd, planned changes in energy supply laws are one more step towards liquidation of obstacles for effective development of Russian small enterprises.

“There is no secret that energy supplies contracts offered by energy supply companies often don’t have consumer friendly conditions. They require consumers to recover the cost of any difference between the actual energy use and the contractual one by paying penalties amounting at double price of the overdraft. While certain Russian energy supply companies have already decided not to fine enterprises with small energy and power use, unified legislative regulation in this sphere will create equal rules for all businesses of this kind and decrease small businesses expenditures”, the lawyer believes.