Dmitriy Kafanov commented on the latest news about China’s creating administrations for managing Chinese territories abroad

“There is no limitation of Russian sovereign status in case of any industrial, logistic, agro-industrial parks introduction in cooperation with Chinese businessmen. Dmitriy Kafanov, a partner of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd, has no doubts about it.

“There are different ways of international cooperation in the sphere of foreign investment”, he said. “Globalization process, open policy of national economic systems, Russian integration into international business make it necessary to use flexible models of entrepreneurs’ international cooperation”.

Creation of industrial, logistic, agro-industrial parks in Russia together with foreign investors is a standard mechanism of efficiency increase in using certain regions potential, formation of favourable investment conditions, innovation technologies development, infrastructure modernization, labour conditions improvement and employment promotion.  

In this case there is no limitation of Russian sovereignty, alienation of Russian territory or its transfer for neighbouring countries’ management, Russian legislation limitation or creation of any other territories under foreign supervision. All foreign businessmen working in the stated special industrial zones are subject to the same laws as Russian entrepreneurs but with certain economic privileges that our state provides for foreign investors.

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