Dmitriy Kafanov commented on the bill «On National Payment System” for RIA PrimaМedia

Dmitriy Kafanov, partner of the Law Company Inmar Legal Ltd, believes that
strict rules of our national payment system organization and functioning
are required for national security, guarantee of safe data transfer and
less dependence on international payment systems. Though, the idea may
be undermined by introduction of protective administrative measures like
creation of noncompetitive conditions for international payment systems
in Russian environment.

“First of all such measures will affect ordinary citizens, limiting
their ability of free traveling and payment for goods and services”, Mr
Kafanov believes. “When wealthy Russians still are able to deal with
this problem by opening foreign bank accounts, the majority of ordinary
people who do not have this opportunity, will not afford to make
purchases via Internet or travel by themselves, when all the payments,
starting from hotel reservation to tickets booking, are made with bank
cards of international payment systems”.

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