Inmar Legal Ltd. defended a labor veteran’s interests

On 30.06.2021, Frunzensky District Court of Vladivostok completed trying a labor dispute in favor of the company’s client, which lasted more than a year and already passed three instances.

The federal state budgetary institution not only unjustifiably dismissed the employee with more than 50 year-length of service, but also demanded to initiate a criminal case against him for abuse of office.

The client had to confront the employer’s evidence-free accusations both in civil courts and in criminal proceedings, wasting his energy, money, time and health. At the same time, neither the Federal Labor and Employment Agency, nor the courts of the first two instances recognized the employee’s rightness.

With the help of Inmar Legal Ltd., the client was able to cancel the cassation of illegal judicial acts that refused the client’s re-employment.

Ksenia Rubets, representing the client’s interests from the time of trying the case in cassation, within 4 months presented evidence of rightness of the client’s claims, taking into account the huge number of counter-arguments of the defendant’s lawyers and obvious delay in the proceedings on their part.

The court, having thoroughly examined each submitted document, recognized the client’s claims as justified, and recovered a compensation of RUB 3,274,000 for forced unemployment, compensation for moral damage and legal costs, ordered to immediately reinstate the employee in a job.