Inmar Legal Ltd. has successfully completed the registration of the land plot, which they had been trying to register for more than 20 years

The Company’s client is the owner of a residential house and the land plot where the house is located. In fact, the fence was installed outside the boundaries of the land plot being in ownership, i.e. the plot belonging to the lands, state ownership for which is not delimited is “captured”.

Since 2002, a client of Inmar Legal Ltd. had been trying to register the willfully fenced land plot with the involvement of various specialists. There are several volumes of supporting documentation, but no result has not been achieved.

In order to form and obtain a land plot without an object on it, it was necessary to undergo the procedure for participating in an auction, which significantly increased the risks of not receiving the land plot.

Inmar Legal Ltd. analyzed the documents, correctly chose the strategy for legalizing the increase in the land plot, prepared explanations, and jointly with cadastral engineers prepared a layout plan for the land plot, which was approved within a month by the state authority authorized to dispose of such plots. The land plot is registered by redistribution, i.e. without participation in the auction.

The entire process of registration of the land took about 5 months, which is significantly less than the client’s previous independent attempts starting from 2002.