Inmar Legal Ltd.: it is time to arrange the garage to the property

As it well-known , most garages for the personal use of citizens are not legally arranged. Someone has permits, someone has only a land plot, someone has only technical documentation and someone has nothing at all. Since September 1, 2021 a state program ‘garage amnesty’ has been started, and it has simplified a procedure of registering garages and land plots under them.

According to the opinion of Natalya Shlyahova, Inmar Legal Ltd partner, unfortunately ‘garage amnesty’ is not a piece of cake. Public authorities request extra documents or non-existent ones, owners of other garages around refuse to help or even discourage the garage registration, owners might lose important documents and etc.

Our legal firm helped the client register a garage in garage construction cooperative without bothering other cooperative members, and, moreover, allocate a plot of land under the garage, despite the fact that there was one unified land plot without any boundaries under all the garages of cooperative.

As a result client arrange the garage and a land plot under it to the property.

And we remind you that ‘garage amnesty’ will be finished soon, this, in its turn, causes the end of simplified procedure for registering garages and demolition of unregistered ones. So we highly recommend you to act quickly.