Inmar Legal Ltd participates in the Pacific Legal Forum

From October 13th to 15th, the VII Pacific Legal Forum took place in Vladivostok at the premises of the Far Eastern Federal University’s Law School. Over 300 representatives from leading domestic legal universities, research centers, practicing lawyers, and foreign specialists in the field of law and related disciplines gathered to discuss the central theme: «Turning East: Trends of change institutions of law and state in the era of globalisation and digitalization».

Experts of the Inmar Legal Ltd participated in the event, shedding light on several current legal issues in their presentations. Nikita Safin addressed the topic “Prospects of Introducing the Digital Ruble as the National Currency: A Practical Aspect.” Maria Onishchuk discussed “Changes in the Approach of Judicial Practice to the Admissibility of Electronic Evidence,” sparking a lively debate among participants. Kristina Cheremisina explored the challenging questions of the theme “Emojis in Court: Semiotic Acceptance or Legal Nonsense” and unveiled the practice of foreign courts in cases involving emojis.

The Pacific Legal Forum remains a crucial platform for knowledge exchange and experience sharing between representatives of the legal field, bridging the gap between science and practice. It continues to foster discussions on current legal issues and contribute to the development of global legal order.