Inmar Legal Ltd Won the Third Annual Best Legal Companies Rating “Pravo.Ru-300” in the Branch of Maritime Law

The winners were defined in eleven branch categories, revenue and number of lawyers, as well as the sympathies of colleagues. In addition, Pravo.Ru analysts for the first time ranked the companies on the basis of the assessment of skills and experience of the company’s employees.

Pravo.Ru-300 Rating is made since 2010 and today it represents the most complete and systematic national research of the legal services market.

Inmar Legal Ltd wins this rating not the first time, which confirms the high professionalism of its employees.

It should be noted that maritime law is one of the main branches of the company. The achievement of the company is successful defense of the interests of its clients worldwide, especially in Asia Pacific. Over the years, dozens of Russian and foreign ship owners became regular clients of Inmar Legal Ltd, which is another evidence of the high quality of the company’s services as well as their lawyers’ knowledge of the specifics of international maritime law and the peculiarities of its application.