Kseniya Rubets comments the threat of arrest of Russian vessels in connection with the Schneerson Library

In 2010 Washington Court demanded Russia to return the collection of Jewish books of XVIII century, the so-called “Schneerson Library” to religious movement “Chabad Lubavitch”. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the decision of the American court illegal and insignificant from the legal point of view and declared that there will be no return of the books from the Library.

In this regard, the crew of the legendary Russian tall ship “Kruzenshtern” could not support the Russian team at the Olympic Games in London because of the possible arrest. Its entry and docking in London during the Olympic Games were canceled by decision of the Federal Fisheries Agency, which did not get a guarantee that the ship won’t be arrested at the request of third parties.

For the same reason, the largest sailing ship “Sedov”, making its first trip around the world, won’t be able to call at U. S. ports, where the 200th anniversary of Fort Ross will be celebrated. U. S. authorities did not warrant that “Sedov”, which is not relevant to the lawsuit around Schneerson Library, won’t be arrested
As far as there is no legal basis for the arrest of Russian vessels in the UK and the U. S., then in the case of their arrest, we can talk about the fact of unfriendly act towards Russia and the possibility of retorsion against vessels that sail under the flag of England and the United States.