Lawyers of Inmar Legal Ltd hold a seminar on protection of copyright and related rights under free support and development of music industry in the Russian Far East (Pro Bono)

On April 4, 2012 in BSB Club (Vladivostok) Kirill Vozisov hold a free seminar (Pro Bono) Protection of copyright and related rights in music business for local music industry (young, developing and famous bands and performers, DJs, musicians).

The seminar was attended by mass media, managing directors and top management of popular HoReCa and club business.

At the seminar the speaker advised the information regarding general matters of copyright and related rights, authorship proving methods, liability for violation of intellectual property rights, trends for regulations development and common court practice.

Also, those present could ask the speaker questions regarding registration of rights to copyright objects and any problems of intellectual property protection in Internet both on Russian and international level.

More about the seminar: