On March 31, 2012 the Inmar Legal Ltd took part in the focus group research, organized by the Law School of the Far Eastern Federal University and the Foundation of Public Diplomacy Support

The research has an objective of discovering different Russian population groups’ attitude to the foreign policy of their country.

The event welcomed politician, public institutions representatives, journalists, specialists of law companies.

The participants discussed the foreign policy of Russia, its good and bad strategies represented by successful and failed cases, defining its basic objective and priorities, shared their experience of international cooperation.

Also the parties had a talk on stereotypes of Russian foreign policy, possible ways to change it, challenges and threats for Russian national safety, different perspectives of Russian foreign policy, including the problematic ones.

Kirill Vozisov expressed the following opinion on the current position and objective of Russia in its foreign policy:

«Today Russia tries to discover its role on the international arena. At the same time it has a realistic point of view on its position, considering the potential and historical aspect of our country. Russia being a developing country, as well as Brazil, India, etc., grows its potential, also by working as a mediator state that does not allow monopolar situation in terms of world society developing».

Source: DVFU