On March 25th law firm “Inmar” participated in the business breakfast, held in Seoul, Republic of Korea

Business breakfast was organized by a leading Korean law firm LLC Yulchon. During the event Dmitry Kafanov and Cyril Vozisov, partners of law firm “Inmar” discussed a number of issues related to the legal support of South Korean companies’ investments in Russia.

South Korea is one of the largest economies in the world and leading economy among the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Korean businesses are actively investing in various sectors of the Russian economy, such as: energy sector, professional equipment sector, agriculture field and automobile assembly plants. Most promising projects of the nearest future include projects in the fields of shipbuilding, international logistics, projects aimed on the development of Russian fisheries industry.

For a long period of time law firm “Inmar” has been organizing full legal support for foreign investors and providing legal advice for the majority of investment projects implemented by major South Korean companies in the Russian Far East.