Dmitry Kafanov: Saint-Petersburg Legal Forum has supported the foreign investor at the Far East

Dmitry Kafanov, who was directly involved in the work of the Forum in Saint-Petersburg, has given his commentaries to RIA PrimaMedia on the subject matters and trends that were discussed at the Forum, as well as on its results, which are highly important for development of the Russian Far East.

“Indeed, today the Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum is not only the leading Russian working platform where representatives of international organizations, national and foreign government authorities, and leaders of the legal market can discuss the theoretical and applied legal issues of the day, but an international event of the utmost importance.

This year the main idea for the Forum, which was brought out by the chairman of the Government of Russia Dmitry Medvedev at the Plenary Session, was the concept of trust in the law, which is the primary way to solve global crises. In his speech the Russian Prime Minister stated the principal world legal tendencies, highlighted the ones that are of crucial importance for Russia, drew attention to the new challenges that the world legal community faces in the new economic and political conditions.

One characteristic trait of this year’s Forum needs to be pointed out — the particular attention to the problem of investing by our partners from Asia, especially by China, South Korea and Japan, namely, defining the priority legal steps that need to be taken to promote the investment attractiveness of the Russian economy and to give effect to important infrastructure projects.”

For further details refer to: Primamedia