Dmitry Kafanov: We must revise our legislation on strategic industry investments

A law session focusing on development of the Far East — Law and Greater Competitiveness of the Russian Far East in the APR, a session that became a key one for the relevance of issues brought up, — was held within the II Eastern Economic Forum which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of September in Vladivostok at the Russky island FEFU campus. The session had leading Russian and foreign lawyers discuss the most important legal aspects in regard to promotion of the Far East investment attractiveness, point out various drawbacks in the existing legislation that inhibit the flow of foreign investments into the national economy, review current issues in dispute settlement and propose ways to deal with the said issues.

Sharing his opinion with RIA PrimaMedia, Dmitry Kafanov pointed out that along with the practice of law enforcement towards mala fide market players becoming more rigor and deficiencies in the functioning of relevant government services being remedied, we need an introduction of a special simplified regime for foreign investment into the Russian fisheries industry for the projects carried out within the Advanced Special Economic Zones and Free Port of Vladivostok.

For further details on the coming event refer to the commentary of Dmitry Kafanov for RIA PrimaMedia.

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