Inmar: We expect real progress from the Saint-Petersburg International Legal Forum

The Forum’s moderator, the Senior Associate with Inmar Legal Co. Ksenia Rubets has given her commentaries for RIA PrimaMedia on the importance of the issues that were addressed by the agenda for business development, in particular, in Primorsky region:

“The topics for discussion proposed by us were chosen in the process of comprehensive counsel over the legal issues and collisions of the effective legislation with our colleagues — academics of the School of Law of the Far Eastern Federal University, who in addition are practicing lawyers and members of the Primorye Division of the Association of Lawyers of Russia, — and we included their valuable notes and suggestions.

Of crucial importance to us was finding the themes that would have actual practical meaning not only for the legal community, but immediately for the businessmen as well — especially foreign ones — who wish to realize their commercial projects at the territory of the Far East and, particularly, Primorsky region. After all, the introduction of the system of privileges is intended most of all to attract foreign residents to promote the economic prospects of the region as well as to strengthen the international relations of our country.

Consequently, a discussion of the described issues without the immediate participants of the process the agents of the business community themselves, — without analyzing their ideas and opinions on introducing their own commercial offers to the Primorsky region and on the existing barriers that they face while trying to do so would be short-sighted and virtueless.

We hope that the joint discussion will result in production of main directions for the development of the enabling framework that regulates the mechanism of a foreign business earning the status of the resident in the Special Economic Zones, so that this mechanism could be effectively put into practice and guarded from any administrative barriers that it has.”

For further details refer to: Primamedia