Inmar Legal Ltd. participated in the 4th Pacific International Legal Forum

The 4th Pacific Legal Forum “Prospects for the Development of the Legal Science, Practice and Education in the Asia Pacific Region” dedicated to celebration of the 60th anniversary of the continuous legal education in the Far Eastern Federal University and the 99th anniversary of the legal education in the Far East was held in Vladivostok on October 2-3.

As part of the Forum organized by the Far-Eastern Federal University, ten field-specific conferences were conducted addressing development of the legal science and practice in the Asia Pacific region, legal protection of environment and wildlife objects, counteraction to terrorism and extremism in Russia and Asian countries. Besides, special attention was paid to the maritime and Arctic law, the legal status and importance of the Maritime Silk Road, problematic issues of mediation and arbitration courts.

The lawyers from Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and USA participated in the activities of the Forum together with the teachers of the Russian and foreign law institutions and universities, representatives of the state and municipal authorities.

The specialists of the Inmar Legal Ltd. delivered their respective reports participating in the work of such sections as “Problems of Legal Responsibility for Violation of the Wildlife Protection Legislation in Russia and the Asia Pacific Countries”, “The Main Tendencies for the Development of the Civil Law and Civil Procedure under Modern Conditions”.

In particular, Ksenia Rubets presented a report «Loopholes of the Legislation Regulating the Matters of Responsibility for Violation of the Environment Protection Norms, and Practical Issues Related to Holding Legally Accountable the Persons Guilty of Such Violation», which addressed the reasons for a relatively small number of litigation cases dedicated to violation of environmental norms in the judicial bodies of Primorsky region, besides, the report contained the proposals for resolving the problems connected with conducting trials on the above-mentioned cases and the loopholes in the administrative, criminal legislation of the Russian Federation, which objectively hinder making the guilty parties accountable for committing environmental crimes and violations.

Michael Plotnikov as part of the section «The Main Tendencies for Developing the Civil Law and Civil Procedure under Modern Conditions» conducted the analysis of the hereditary fund as an innovation of the civil legislation, addressed the main problematic issues connected with these innovations, which the law-enforcement officers might face.

In his turn, Evgenii Golodnenko delivered a report on the topic «The Problems and Prospects of the Joint Will in Russia», in which he addressed further prospects of «popularity» of this law institution in the Russian Federation after enactment of the Law No. 217-ФЗ dated 19.07.2018.