International Trade Law

Many Russian companies sign contracts with international partners and oftentimes these documents contain some unresolved issues which in can case of disputes can lead to certain complications for either party.

There is also a number of issues arising in international trade in terms of delivery contracts, cargo insurance contracts and non-payment risks of delivery contracts; financing transactions by letter of credit and other crediting tools.

The Inmar Legal Ltd experts are highly experienced in these areas. Moreover, we have a wide overseas network of reliable correspondents who are ready to deal with the case on the spot.


  • general consulting on international trade;
  • preparing and negotiating terms of contracts;
  • cargo insurance and non-payment risks insurance;
  • participating in negotiations with contracting parties;
  • settling disputes and claims;
  • consulting on customs legislation;
  • developing recommendations for optimal customs procedures;
  • appealing decisions of customs authorities, representing clients in judicial authorities.