Maritime Law

Maritime Law is a complex legal area involving numerous operations from transfer of the ownership rights to sea-going vessels and to employment of officers and crewmembers, which requires a competent legal support.

This support includes not only drawing up contracts, registering vessels in Russian and international registers but also numerous other operations. Our Company offers its Clients these comprehensive legal services.

Proper execution and timely registration of vessels are of primary importance in shipping business.

A distinctive feature of marine business is extensive documentation (bills of lading, mate’s receipts, bunker receipts, etc.), which presents considerable commercial and legal significance. Incorrect usage of these documents may result in heavy losses both for the ship owner and the cargo owner.

The proper execution of relations between the ship owner and the crew is also of great importance.

The Inmar Legal Ltd has a significant operating experience in this sphere. Our Company has successfully protected our Clients’ interests all over the world, with the focus on Asia-Pacific countries. Numerous Russian and foreign ship owners have become our Clients. We know the specifics of Maritime Law and peculiarities of its application.


  • registration of vessels;
  • legal support of vessel purchases and sales;
  • legal support of vessel hypothecation;
  • contracts of marine transport;  
  • legal issues with the crewmembers;
  • preparing instructions for employees and crewmembers;
  • arrests of vessels;
  • sea accidents;
  • legal security of bunkering sea-going vessels;
  • general consulting on Maritime Law.