Inmar: Awaiting for meaningful results from the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

The regional event of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum arranged jointly with Law School of FEFU and Inmar legal Co., with the support of the Russian Lawyers’ Association will take place in Vladivostok for the third time, on 18 May, as reported by IA PrimaMedia.

The regional forum being traditional will gather representatives of public authorities, legal and business circles. This year participants, among the key issues, will discuss legal and practical steps needed to efficiently implement the tasks of promotion of competition assigned by the Russian President at the first meeting of the State Council held on 05 April in 2018.

In addition, one of the most important issues of the forum being of particular significance for Primorye, is discussion of problems of law enforcement practice in the area of environmental law, as well as development of necessary legal decisions for efficient environmental protection.

The St. Petersburg International Legal Forum held with the direct support of the Russian President is the most important event of the year to all participants of the domestic legal market.

Traditionally, the forum works out doctrinal and systemically important approaches that form further lines of development of the legal environment. The regional forum event  held in Vladivostok is completely involved in this process.

Subsequent to the results of resolutions previously passed by participants in Vladivostok, they announced a set of legislative initiatives being of importance to the region, some of them are embodied in statutory acts.

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