Natalya Shliakhova


Natalia Shlyakhova heads the practice of real estate and construction. Natalia provides legal advice on various aspects of transactions in real estate, construction, renovation and rental of commercial premises, as well as investment projects.

Natalia provides legal support for business, development and execution of legal documentation which is related to real estate, business support of agricultural companies, including companies with foreign participation. She provides full legal support for agricultural companies’ business, including the design of real estate objects that can be build during the existence of state farms and not drawn up in accordance with the law, taking into account the reorganization of state farms, registration of land plots, both for rent and for ownership, reconstruction and new construction of objects necessary in the framework of the activities of agricultural organizations, accompanied by the receipt of subsidies for the purposes of agricultural activities.

In the framework of full and comprehensive business support, Natalya manages labor issues, personnel, cadastral registration, she makes changes to the rules for land use and development, construction, reconstruction, dividing land, subsidizing agricultural activities, adhering to the targeted use of land, etc.

Natalya provides legal support in developing a plan and supporting the construction of multi-family residential buildings, taking into account the use of escrow accounts, complex corporate structures with the participation of several investors within a single legal entity, legalization of administrative and judicial redevelopment, contesting cadastral value for land plots and capital objects construction for businesses and individuals, including agricultural land.

Since 2010 Natalya has been publishing articles in specialized law-related and other print media on different legal matters (“Features and Procedures of Bankruptcy”, “Special Issues of Non-residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale”, “Registering a Property Title for a Residential House without a Construction Permit”, “Nuances of Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale”).
In 2013 she took part in the National Legal Congress on the issue: “Combining the Supreme and Supreme Arbitration Courts: forming a uniform legal practice! Pros and cons! ” which were held in Moscow.

From May 2016 to the present time Natalya is an active participant of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in Vladivostok, which is organized by Inmar Legal Ltd.