Corporate Law

Founding a company is a legal act bestowing a certain legal status on a commercial enterprise  and providing it with a possibility to have rights and bear obligations, to conclude deals and otherwise participate in trade turnover.

Developing major corporate documents (such as the charter, constituent agreement and others depending on the particulars of the legal entity) establishes the foundation of the company future activities, the structure of its management, the rights and obligations of its administrative bodies and the system of relations between its divisions.

As the business develops, there comes a need of its diversification as its structure becomes more complicated and the number of business processes increases. As a result, an acute
demand arises in the overall legal control of the company and its divisions.

The Inmar Legal Ltd has a significant experience of legal consulting on the issues of Corporate Law. A corporation in modern business involves much more than just a business legal structure. There are issues of business culture, company image and relations with partners and clients. We are ready to consult our clients on these broad legal issues and provide an optimal working pattern for their business.